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The POBEDA company is a distributor of XEROX, as well as a direct importer of ZOOM and NOTA paper from the Finnish Stora Enso factory.


Database includes more than 40,000 products. We work with the largest manufacturers of office supplies in Russia, and abroad. In 2016, the company began placing orders in factories in China under its own brand LESTARB.


Any office requires daily cleaning - a series of cleaning activities for all types of premises of a particular object and is carried out in order to maintain cleanliness, is a prerequisite for creating a comfortable environment and comfort. And for all this you need household equipment and funds.

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The POBEDA group of companies directly cooperates with Russian, European, Eastern factories and suppliers of stationery, which each office is equipped with anywhere in the world.

The ideal collection of stationery that meets the most demanding requirements of impeccable taste. Products TM LESTARB organically fits into the space of any desktop. It is always the best quality at an affordable price!
this is a new word in the stationery market, a wide range that continues to grow rapidly.


Office supplies TM LAMARK impressive bright colors and range of textures. Mainly, Lamark TM products are manufactured in Southeast Asia region according to European technologies and quality standards. It is always premium quality at an affordable price!


TM PILOT product range includes ballpoint pens, gel pens, liquid ink pens, markers, mechanical pencils, erasers, consumables and corrective tools. The desire to overcome technical challenges and create new sensations from writing with the help of the best technologies in the industry has become the hallmark of the PILOT brand since its Foundation in Japan in 1918.


Office paper Xerox - the best option for daily use. It is a reliable office paper, which provides a decent quality of printing on various types of office equipment, perfect for Fax machines. During the production process, Xerox paper undergoes additional quality control. Has optimal characteristics for working in the office equipment brand Xerox. Xerox brand paper, created in the factories of Russia, Finland, Indonesia and the United States.

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is part of the Bioeconomy and the world's leading provider of renewable paper solutions. Today the series of paper of the Finnish company Stora Enso, completely provides needs of modern office, beginning with daily copying and finishing with the press of representative documentation.


Documents, securities, money. There are many ways to protect values, but, of course, the most reliable is a good safe. The safes of the company PROMET are of high quality and modern design. A huge selection of models will satisfy the most demanding customer and allow organically fit the purchased safe in the interior of the house or office.