Company information OOO "POBEDA"

Dear friends, colleagues, partners!
Please accept my most sincere congratulations
with a great holiday-Victory Day!
This holiday has become a symbol of heroism of our people, his indomitable strength and invincibility of the spirit! Careful attitude of the older generation to the fate of his homeland should be for all a striking example of patriotism and the power of the people's faith! We remember the feats of our veterans, about their military glory!
We wish you health, warmth,
attention and care of loved ones!
May the sky always be peaceful,
and the sun shines brightly!

POBEDA group of companies wishes you a happy holiday. We wish to win the confidence of success and glory, to maintain our relationship of trust and always get rewarded for their work, appreciation, recognition and material wealth.
Health, strong strength and good luck in the implementation of your business.

Lining for money

Lining for packing money in different denominations LESTARB.
They are used for packaging in a vacuum bag or when strapping. The pads are made of cardboard with a density of 250 g/m2. Printing on the pad is applied by printing method. Supplied with a set of 1000 pieces.
Special offer from the company:

From 1 pack. - 149,00 rubles
From 150 pack. - 145,00 rubles

The POBEDA company became the sponsor within the festive events devoted to celebration of day of the city of Rostov-on-Don.
"Parade of happy families-2017", which was held by ANKO "Good deeds" together with the channel STS-South Region, passed through the main alley Park them. M. Gorky, where all participants saw the Festival "Young families".
We also thank all the families of the city of Rostov-on-Don for their participation in the parade, positive attitude, spectacular images and contribution to the development of the heritage of our city.

Even more office paper

The POBEDA company presents premium quality office paper.
Paper XEROX in the production process undergoes additional quality control on the part of the company 'Xerox' and has the optimum properties for working on the equipment.
The ZOOM paper series is presented in three quality categories and meets all the requirements of European organizations. In addition, all the production technology and the products meet the environmental standard of Finland "Northern Swan".

Stationery + water

Office supplies and water are the main elements of a working office.
Drinking water of the highest quality category has a natural composition and the highest degree of purification. Not having in the composition of iron has a soft and pleasant taste, when boiling leaves no scale. Excellent for cooking first dishes and drinks. Water quality control on the production line is carried out at least thirty minutes by specialists of the laboratory certified by the regional center of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation.